Italo Disco Collection 5 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 5 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 5 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 5

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Lista utworów:

CD 1

1. Animal Farm (Extended Version) by Perestroika Power

2. Magic (Extended Version) by Josy

3. Fantasy (New Remix) by Lian Ross

4. Secrets Eyes (Extended Version) by L'affair

5. Lady Fantasy (Remix) by Max Him

6. Good Vibrations (Mix Version) by Alan Barry

7. You And Me (Extended Version) by Jules

8. Don't Talk About It (Swedish Remix) by Swan

9. Dance With Me (Dance Version) by Claudia T.

10. Vision Of Love (Extended Version) by Dj's Project

11. Fuerza Major (Extended Version) by Camaro's Gang

CD 2

1. Swiss Boy (Extended Version) by Lou Sern

2. Danger For Love by Deborah

3. Tribal Stomp (Extended Version) by Psychic Interface

4. Miss You by Styloo

5. Do It (Extended Version) by Digital Ram

6. What My Heart Wanna Say (Extended Version) by Roger Meno

7. Bronx (Maxi Version) by Camaro's Gang

8. I Want To... (Extended Version) by Jules

9. Let Me Free (Dance Version) by Gina

10. Watch Out by Jackie Touche

11. Pretty Face by Styloo

CD 3

1. More More More (Vocal Version) by Mark Tower

2. Love At First (Extended Version) by Joe Yellow

3. Do You Realy Need Me (Extended Version) by K.b. Caps

4. Do You (Vocal Version) by Duke Lake

5. Blinded By The Light (Maxi Version) by Shipra

6. Don't You Want Me (Dance Version) by Sauvage

7. Everything You Love (Dolce Vita Edit) by Chip Chip

8. Upside Down (Full Power DJ Mix) by Coo Coo

9. Lies (Full Power DJ Mix) by King Kong & D'jungle Girls

10. Crank It Up (Full Cry Mix) by Thomas & Schubert

11. Ciao (Extended Version) by Paula Evans

ZYX 81905-2


Italo Disco Collection

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