Italo Disco Collection 23 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 23 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 23 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 23

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Lista utworów:

CD 1

1. Colour My Love (Club Mix) by Fun Fun

2. Love In A Summer Night (Vocal) by Brand Image

3. Let's Go To Sitges (Maxi Version) by David Lyme

4. Happy Moon (Vocal Version) by Mike Rogers

5. Robin Hood (Vocal) by William King

6. Lost In The Night (Vocal Version) by Kostas Haritodiplomenos

7. Disco Halloween (Vocal) by Forbidden Fruits

8. The Years (go By) by Fred Ventura

9. In Front Of You by Common Sense

10. Forever Mine by Claudio Mingardi

11. Tokio's (Vocal Version) by Aki

CD 2

1. It's So Easy (Vocal Version) by Valerie Dore

2. Mi Amor (US Remix Long) by Plastic Mode

3. Flash In The Night (Extended Version) by Public Passion

4. Baby Baby (Vocal) by Daydream

5. Run To Me (Vocal Version) by Ray Foster

6. What To Say (Vocal) by Dea

7. Keep On Living (12 by Oxo

8. Victory (Vocal Version) by Chris

9. Venture In My Heart (Mix Version) by Marco Martina

10. Dancing In The Tears (Vocal Version) by Body Power

11. I Love You (12 by Helen

CD 3

1. Come Back To Me (Vocal Version) by Morgana

2. I Know (Extended Version) by Dyva

3. Love Is The Reason (Vocal Version) by Time

4. Doctor Jekyll (Jekyll Version) by Atrium

5. Good Vibrations (Mix Version) by Alan Barry

6. Make Me Up by Rose

7. The World Is You (Extended Version) by Miko Mission

8. Down To Africa (Vocal Version) by Crysalis

9. Chinaboy by Margie M.

10. Play The Game (lolly Dance) by Rudy & Co.

11. Take Me To The Top (85 New Dance Version) by Advance

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Italo Disco Collection

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