Italo Disco Collection 22 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 22 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 22 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 22

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Lista utworów:

CD 1

1. Central Park (Maxi Version) by Jonathan Gable

2. Secrets (Extended Version) by Albert One

3. The Heart Of The City (Vocal) by Chris Luis

4. Keep On Music (Vocal Version) by Danny Keith

5. Eye To Eye (Remix Version) by Ben Bruce

6. Italian Boy (Extended Version) by De Niro

7. Living In A Rom (Vocal Version) by G.g. Near

8. Bye Bye Mi Amor (Extended Version) by David Lyme

9. Companero (Vocal) by Camaro's

10. Susy Oh! (Dance Version) by Fabrizio Simoncioni

11. Dancing In The Tears (Vocal Version) by Body Power

CD 2

1. Happy Station (Club Mix) by Fun Fun

2. Living In The Shuttle (Extended Version) by Torrevado

3. Fly To Me (D.J. Version) by Aleph

4. I Wanna Give You My Heart (Mix Version) by Primadonna

5. Africa (Vocal Version) by Anthony

6. Gringo (Extended Version) by Roby Benvenuto

7. Call Me Up (Special DJ Mix) by New Baccara

8. Bye Bye Baby (Extended Version) by Max Coveri

9. Life In Tokyo (Maxi Version) by Pierre & Franz

10. War In Love (Vocal Version) by Panorama

11. Light My Light (Extended Version) by Spooky Voice

CD 3

1. Love-spy (Night Mix) by Mike Mareen

2. Acapulco Nights (Maxi Version) by G.j. Lunghi

3. Cha Cha Cha (Maxi Version) by Finzy Kontini

4. Voices In The Dark (Maxi Version) by Mike Cannon

5. It Isn't Changed (12 by Michael Maltese

6. Plastic Doll (Vocal Version) by Dharma

7. Up & Down (Maxi Version) by Eddy Huntington

8. All My Love (Vocal Version) by Portofino

9. Moving Your Hips (Vocal Version) by Squash Gang

10. Get Closer (Vocal Version) by Valerie Dore

11. Around My Dream (Extended Version) by Silver Pozzoli

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Italo Disco Collection

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