Italo Disco Collection 21 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 21 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 21 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 21

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Lista utworów:

CD 1

1. Take A Chance (Vocal Version) by Mr. Flagio

2. Rise Up (for My Love) (Club Mix) by Yvonne Kay

3. Synchronisation Of Love (Vocal Version) by Joe Yellow

4. Shadow In The Night (Maxi Version) by Kay Franzes

5. Come On (Vocal Version) by Alan Barry

6. Fire On The Moon (Extended Version) by Aleph

7. Good Times (Maxi Version) by Paul Paul

8. Toledo Girl (Vocal) by Cosa Rosa

9. Walk In The Night (12 by Diego

10. All The Night (Vocal Version) by Riky Maltese

11. Mirage (Mix Version) by Scotch

CD 2

1. I Want An Illusion (Extended) by Squash Gang

2. Don't Break My Heart (Maxi Version) by Den Harrow

3. Challenger by Baby's Gang

4. Heart Beat (One Two Three Mix) by Vivien Vee

5. Eagles In The Night by Dario Dell'aere

6. In The Night (Extended Version) by Max Coveri

7. The Last Wall (Vocal Version) by Alan Ross

8. Let It Be (Extended Version) by Top Secret

9. Companero (Vocal) by Camaro's

10. Joint (12 by Alan Clayn

11. Get Up (12 by Digital Emotion

CD 3

1. Spanish Run (Vocal) by Jaco

2. Get Ready (Exteded Version) by X-ray Connection

3. Disco Maniac by Denise & Baby's Gang

4. Give Me Love (Dance Version) by Susanne

5. Call Me Up (Extended Mix) by Cay Hume

6. Donna Rouge (Remix) by Fake

7. She's Mine (12 by Reale Accademia

8. My World (Extended Version) by Sophie

9. Call My Name by Lisa G.

10. Happy World (Vocal Version) by Ranko

11. Dirty Talk (European Connection Mix) by Klein & M.b.o.

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Italo Disco Collection

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