Italo Disco Collection 15 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 15 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 15 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 15

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Lista utworów:

CD 1

1. Paradise (Adam & Eve Dance Mix) by Dance Department

2. Droid (87 Remix) by Mito

3. Fly With Me To Wonderland (Maxi Version) by Rocky M

4. Summer Holiday (Airport Mix) by Napoleon & Friends

5. Again (German Remix) by Do Piano

6. Dark Silence (Long Version) by Art Fine

7. Precious Little Diamond by Fax The Fax

8. For Your Love (Vocal Version) by Faber Dj

9. Disco Winter by Paolo Music

10. All Of The Time (Vocal Version) by Real Corporation

11. Sun Song Reggae by Garage

CD 2

1. Stars On Magic (italomix) (Don't Cry Tonight) by West Virginia

2. Stars On Magic (italomix) (Only You) by West Virginia

3. Stars On Magic (italomix) (Dolce Vita) by West Virginia

4. Stars On Magic (italomix) (Happen Children) by West Virginia

5. Stars On Magic (italomix) (Shangai) by West Virginia

6. Stars On Magic (italomix) (Chance To Desire) by West Virginia

7. Stars On Magic (italomix) (A Taste Of Love) by West Virginia

8. Chance To Desire (Vocal Version) by Radiorama

9. Heartbeat (Dance Version) by Garland

10. Moonlight Affair (Maxi Version) by Silent Circle

11. Paradise Mi Amor (Extended) by Lune De Miel

()12. Last Night (Vocal Version) by Yvonne Koomen

()13. Come On by Maurice Yesterday

()14. Island (Vocal Version) by Eddie Lopez

()15. Ferrari by Tom Spencer

()16. Indio by Flexy Summer

()17. Tropical Nights by The Hurricanes

CD 3

1. The Girl Of Lucifer 12 by Monte Kristo

2. Pancho Villa (star De Cantina) (U.S. Remix) by Magazine 60

3. Lost In Paradise (Extended Version) by Grant Miller

4. Hypnotized (Maxi Version) by Copy-right

5. Cocoon (Dance Version) by Timerider

6. One Two Three (Super Mix) by Max Coveri & Radiorama

7. Under Cover Lover by T.ark

8. Love Is A Danger (Vocal Version) by Matt De Bono

9. Marilyn... I Love You (Vocal Version) by Fontanelli

10. Don't Say Goodbye (Extended Version) by Dan Morrison

11. Come And Make Me High (Vocal Version) by Hysterical Fits

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Italo Disco Collection

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