Italo Disco Collection 9 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 9 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 9 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 9

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Lista utworów:

CD 1

1. Video Killed The Radio Star (Vocal) by Bon Ton

2. Feeling (Extended Version) by Coangielu

3. Russian Affair (Extended Version) by Chaya

4. Go Go Gorilla (Vocal Version) by Gazuzu

5. Take The Love (Club Mix) by R. Bais

6. Intrough The Night (Original Version) by Konty

7. Napoleon (Tecno Side) by Lee Young

8. Cherry Cherry by Tony Turn

9. Lot To Learn (A Taste Of Amercan Mix) by Lee Marrow

10. Can't Stop Saying I Love You (Club Version) by The Kitch Club

11. Passenger (Extended Version) by Fellini

CD 2

1. I Love Again (Special Remix) by Savage

2. Russia (Maxi Version) by Fable Time

3. Sentimental Lover (Maxi Version) by Milou

4. Baby Baby (Adamnski Re-Edit) by Del Faro

5. Day Dream (Vocal) by L.a. Messina

6. Live Is Life by Stargo

7. Frogs In Spain (New Remix) by Fake

8. Whacha Gonna Do (Vocal) by Mark Jay

9. Don't You Know by Sinery

10. How Old Are You by T. Ark

11. Tutto Va' - Tutto Va' (Italian Hit Medley) by Cosa Nostra

12. Tutto Va' - Azzuro (Italian Hit Medley) by Cosa Nostra

13. Tutto Va' - Buona Sera Signorina (Italian Hit Medley) by Cosa Nostra

14. Tutto Va' - Oh Mama (Italian Hit Medley) by Cosa Nostra

15. Tutto Va' - Marina (Italian Hit Medley) by Cosa Nostra

16. Tutto Va' - Una Festa Sui Prati (Italian Hit Medley) by Cosa Nostra

CD 3

1. Sayonara (don't Stop) (Vocal Version) by Lee Marrow

2. And I Love Her (Mix Version) by Sir Valentine

3. Symphony Of Love (Maxi Version) by Fair Control

4. El Diablo (Extended Version) by Antonella

5. Wait Baby Wait by Talkin' Fog

6. Dragon's Legend by Koto

7. Come Back To Niagara by Captain Hook

8. Dream On Violin (New Vocal Version) by Veronique

9. Mister J (Vocal Version) by Kris Tallow

10. Elephant Song (Vocal Version) by Mac Jr.

11. Another Lover (Disco Maxi Mix) by Amandras

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Italo Disco Collection

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