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Italo Disco Collection 2 - 3CD - ZYX
  • Italo Disco Collection 2 - 3CD - ZYX

Italo Disco Collection 2 - 3CD - ZYX

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Italo Disco Collection 2

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CD 1

1. You And Me (Vocal) by Funny Twins

2. Hopes & Dreams by Albert One

3. Dance Tonight by Duke Lake

4. Good Bye (Extended Version) by Savage

5. Hie Hie Hie by Alan Berry

6. Wild Boy (Extended Version) by Joe Yellow

7. Visitors (Vocal Remix) by Koto

8. Que Nose by Magazine 60

9. Harem by Solo

10. Dream by P. Lion

11. Johnny (Mix) by Lala

CD 2

1. Guy Guy (Full Power Version) by Max Coveri

2. Pancho Villa (Version Internationale) by Magazine 60

3. Easy Lovers (Mix Edit) by Joe Yellow

4. Night Girl by Brian Ice

5. Bye Bye by Ninja

6. I Need You Love by Midnight Passion

7. Open Your Heart by Jessica

8. Come Back (Versione Disco) by Jimmy & Suzy

9. Pretty Face by Styloo

10. Input by S 50

11. Stay With Me Tonight by Patty Ryan

CD 3

1. Waiting For Heaven (Vocal Mix) by Dario Diviacchi

2. Greatest Mind (Vocal) by Felli

3. Don't Hurt Me (Vocal) by Rene'

4. Future Girl (Vocal Mix) by The Fashion

5. Rose Of Tokyo by City-o'

6. Fires In The Night (Vocal Version) by K-a-t-a

7. I Wanna Fly Away (Voca Mix) by Blue Russel

8. Play The Night (D-Version) by Meet Point

9. Baja Imperial (US Remix) by Plastic Mode

10. Follow You Follow Me by Marx & Spencer

11. Lady Duck (Vocal) by Mike Best

ZYX 82321-2


Italo Disco Collection

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